Planing / Sickos (Pre-Order)

Cat No: FT 042
Format: 12inch
File Under: House
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2,100円 (会員価格 1,890円)

ワシントンDCの注目レーベル[1432 R]クルーの一員SAMIが[Future Times]デビュー!SE/エフェクトが飛び交うスペースド・アウトなダビー・ハウス・トラックス。
Future Times is very juiced to announce a two-track 12" from one of DC's freshest, Sami, of the wonderful 1432 R crew! "Planing" cruises with morphing late night drums and blasted flutes through a gang of FX and synth wash, and "Sickos" is another all-nighter, a crispy bubbler that keeps swingin' and slammin', for body and mind. Deejays take heed, this is 1 u need

Coming-Soon!! ご予約受付中



Track List
1. Planing
2. Sickos


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