JEFF MILLS x FACETASM Original Print T Shirt

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JEFF MILLS x FACETASM Original Print T Shirt
[Explanation in English follows Japanese one]

音楽x映像x照明xコンテンポラリーダンスx歌唱x衣装デザイン、それらすべてをJeff Mills総指揮のもと、各分野のコラボレーターを迎え入れ、5つの理論的なシナリオで宇宙の神秘に迫った世界初のコズミックオペラ『THE TRIP -Enter The Black Hole-』。
2024.4.1、東京・新宿で開催されたWorld Premiere会場で販売された本作。JEFF MILLS自らが手がけたデザインを、演目のコスチュームを手がけた「落合宏理」がディレクションして生まれたオリジナル・プリント・Tシャツ。

Cat# : FJPT-2024
仕様: コットン 100%
サイズ : S / M / L / XL
S:着丈 610mm / 身幅 490mm / 肩幅 420mm / 袖丈 190mm
M:着丈 640mm / 身幅 520mm / 肩幅 450mm / 袖丈 195mm
L:着丈 680mm / 身幅 540mm / 肩幅 470mm / 袖丈 220mm
XL:着丈 720mm / 身幅 570mm / 肩幅 520mm / 袖丈 240mm



JEFF MILLS x FACETASM Original Print T Shirt

The world's first cosmic opera, 'THE TRIP -Enter The Black Hole-', delves into the mysteries of the universe through five theoretical scenarios, combining music, visuals, lighting, contemporary dance, vocals, and costume design under the artistic direction of Jeff Mills, with collaborators from each field.
This item was sold exclusively at the World Premiere venue held in Shinjuku, Tokyo on April 1, 2024. It's an original printed T-shirt born from the direction of Hiromichi Ochiai, who handled the costumes for the performance, based on the design personally overseen by JEFF MILLS.
Following the performance, we received numerous requests from those who were unable to attend, asking for it to be sold. Therefore, we decided to offer it for sale promptly. Whether you missed the performance or attended but want an extra piece for commemoration, this is your chance. Don't miss out on this opportunity for a completely limited edition printed T-shirt, as there will be no additional production!

Cat# : FJPT-2024
Specifications: COTTON 100%
Color: Black Only
Size : S / M / L / XL
S:length 610mm / bust width 490mm / shoulder width 420mm / sleeve length 190mm
M:length 640mm / bust width 520mm / shoulder width 450mm / sleeve length 195mm
L:length 680mm / bust width 540mm / shoulder width 470mm / sleeve length 220mm
XL:length 720mm / bust width 570mm / shoulder width 520mm / sleeve length 240mm

*Please understand that there may be slight discrepancies due to the nature of fabric products.
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*This item is a new apparel product that has undergone prior inspection. Please note that we are unable to accept claims after purchase, except for damages that occurred during transportation. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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¥6,600 税込