Five Years Of Loving Notes (Pre-Order)

Label: Antinote
Format: 2LP
File Under: Techno / Minimal,Crossover
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2,960円 (会員価格 2,664円)

個性派集団[Antinote]がレーベル5周年を記念したコンピレーションをリリース!レーベル主力メンバーの揃った濃密な2枚組には、INOUSE SHIRABE(井上調)の新作ももちろん収録です。
5th Birthday comp featuring a host of artistst who've graced the label over the perioid.. Exclusives from Tolouse Lowtrax, Geena, Iueke, Domenique Dumont, . Inoue Shirabe, Raphael Top-Secret and more... Gatefold Sleeve. TIP!

Made of 14 sketches - each reflecting one of the many shades of the label’s catalogue - Five years of Loving Notes features new names as well as those of artists who have been involved with the label since it’s very beginning, like Geena or Iueke - responsible for the first 12” released on Antinote.
The music on this compilation covers a wide spectrum of moods and atmospheres, from the dark and raw excursions from Tolouse Low Trax or Iueke to the lush instrumental crafted by Nico Motte and Syracuse’s Antoine Kogut; however as the listener gets deeper into the compilation, the whole of the tunes, sitting side by side on the records, start to make sense as they all seem to point towards the same direction. If one should try isolating a common trait from all these songs, one might come to the conclusion that it lies in the way they all speak directly to the listener’s emotional receptors, unvarnished and without abusing of producer’s ’tricks’.
We’ll let the tricky question mentioned before in your hands once you will have been through this 63-minute long testimony of exclusive music by the artists who have been shaping Antinote’s sound for five years; from the opening Latvian arabesques from Domenique Dumont to the Pink-Floyd-ian ending from the latest addition to the label, Alek Lee, via Leonardo Martelli’s smoggy electro and Raphael Top Secret’s ominous talk-over.

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Track List
1. Domenique Dumont - 371
2. Stephane Laporte - Timbuktu
3. Raphael Top-Secret - Maurilia
4. DK - Market Session
5. Antoine Kogut & Nico Motte - Jungle Dweller
6. Inoue Shirabe - Warm & Easy
7. Nico Motte - Cap De Creus
8. Iueke - Giza
9. Tolouse Low Trax - Raut
10. Leonardo Martelli - 03 23 (Notte)
11. Geena - Metromind
12. Natsukashii - ...........
13. The Simplists - Ambiance 9
14. Alek Lee featuring Or Edry & Yovav - Plastic


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