Mosaics (Pre-Order)

Cat No: EVR 010
Format: 12inch
File Under: Techno / Minimal
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1,510円 (会員価格 1,359円)

TEREKKE、HUGO GERANI(WILSON TANNER)、TLIM SHUG参加。ディープ・ハウス〜エレクトロまで独特の世界観に貫かれたリリースを重ねるギリシャの[Echovolt Records]の推薦コンピレーション。カタログ10番を記念した美しい12インチ。
Echovolt's lost and found 10th release is finally out! A beautiful mosaic of six tracks produced by new and old friends hailing from six different parts of the world.

From the no-reason unreleased Terekke's "Sun Salutation" remix, the new Greek producer but old friend of us under the (for the time being) name "Old Man Talkin'", the first hip hop jam ever released on the label by West Coast's "Tlim Shug" to the mysterious one-off alias of Sydney's "Indreamz". However, this compilation could never be more complete without our new loves that are Australia's Hugo Gerani (aka John Tanner) and Shea from overseas both of them to be seen in future solo releases!

Coming-Soon!! ご予約受付中



Track List
1. Bridge & Tunnel Kids - Omnii (Terekke's Sun Salutation Mix)
2. Hugo Gerani - Everything Just Happiness
3. Tlim Shug - Memoir For Your Dream
4. Indreamz - Indreamz
5. Old Man Talkin' - Magnetic Eyes
6. Shea - Aspartame


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