Dekmantel 10 Years 02 (Pre-Order)

Label: Dekmantel
Format: 12inch
File Under: House,Techno / Minimal
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1,920円 (会員価格 1,728円)

推薦盤!CALL SUPER、SHANTI CELESTEという豪華カップリング!世界的ビッグ・フェス/名レーベルへと成長した[Dekmantel]の10周年記念コンピレーション第2弾。
Label friends Call Super and Shanti Celeste on this second 10 Year Anniversary 12" for Dekmantel… 8 to follow .. TIP!

Five years after their first event, Dekmantel Records saw the light of day. Over the course of 2017 the label will release ten EPs from artists that are close to their hearts; artists that have shaped Dekmantel into what it is today and producers who never fail to inspire them.

Each EP comes in an unique full-color printed inner-sleeve, housed in a glossy outer-sleeve with logo punch out. Shinkwrapped, stickered and pressed on 180 grams vinyl.

This second EP comes from striking electronic artist Call Super―who returns after his 2016 EP on the label―and party starting house star Shanti Celeste who makes her debut after many great EPs on labels like Apron and Secretsundaze. Call Super offers ‘Fluenka Spoke’, a multi layered rack with shimmering synths and pads and glitchy beats down low. Shanti’s ‘Hinoki’ then shows off the producer’s more techno side with a tough and urgent banger that trippy sound design and soul infused chords all urging you to dance.

Coming-Soon!! ご予約受付中



Track List
1. Call Super - Fluenka Spoke
2. Shanti Celeste - Hinoki


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