Little Flower

Cat No: TFR 002
Format: 12inch
File Under: House,Disco
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1,590円 (会員価格 1,431円)

DJ HAVERYもフェイヴァリットの話題盤![100% Silk]、[Not Not Fun Records]や[Mexican Summer]の傑作を経て名門[Domino]デビューも果たした、USのサイケデリック夫婦ユニットPEAKING LIGHTS待望の新作。限定盤。
*Recent Harvey Favorite Alert!* Peaking Lights are back at it. While the clouds of pessimism hover, rays of sunshine cut and break thru with two new tracks for healing and conquering the shadows that loom. Little Flower featuring Chloe Sevigny for Regime Des Fleurs and curated by fashion sound guru Michel Gaubert. Over the summer of 2016, Peaking Lights was approached by DJ Harvey’s camp for the instrumental version for sweaty times so for some of you this tune may ring familiar; however, this is the first time it’s been available.... TIP! *Limited initial copies*

Arrival date : 2017-03-27

Track List
1. Little Flower Featuring Chloe Sevigny
2. Little Flower Instrumental
3. Conga Blue
4. Conga Blue Instrumental


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