V.A. (mix & edit by ALTZ)


Cat No: LACD-0098
Format: BOOK+CD
File Under: House,Magazine
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1,361円 (会員価格 1,361円)

ALTZの時空/Lastrum音源を使ったMIX CDに時空レーベルのカルチャーマガジン、SPECIALOOSE第2弾がくっついた超美味な一枚(一冊)!

Track List
A1. KAMA AINA “Mika Kaurismaki”
02. ENITOKWA “Row Point”
03. BLAST HEAD “Landscape scene 2”
04. TRIBAL MASTAZ “Original Miami Vice Theme”
05. HIFANA “Mouth Dancing − HIFANAじゃじほてREMIX”
06. MOODMAN “Dance of the Dead”
07. COS/MES “Spring Fever”
08. ALTZ “Do DoDo”
09.HAIR STYLISTICS “Wordy Rappinghood”
10. ALTZ “Max Motion Intro”
11. ALTZ “Yello-version idjut hoe down mix”
12. THIS IC “There Must Be An Angel”
13. ALTZ “Boogie Altz”
14. BANDWAGON “The eternal allergy −Jungle Remix version altz”


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